Village Charter Schools

Advantages of Charter Schools

Nelson Mandela used to say that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. And what better way to educate the future of your lives, if not invest in your children’s education? Each child is unique and caring about his or her education should be a parent’s number one priority. Unfortunately, not all children thrive in regular classrooms with fixed schedules and homework plans. Not all children are born equal and can truly have academic performances if they are forced to stand in cold benches for more than 8 hours a day, especially if they are not very sociable. And since quitting school has never been an option, luckily there are more educational alternatives for children who do not necessarily fit in the system yet want to have bright futures.

Charter schools probably represent the best solution for numerous children who want a formal education but in a less formal environment or under a less formal schedule. Here is a list of reasons why you should give charter schools a try, at least for one semester:

Charter School

Smaller class sizes

One of the main downfalls of public schools is sometimes the large number of pupils attending the same class. Obviously, the teacher must model his expectations and the attending curricula according to the class’s average level of knowledge and academic power. As a result, students who are above the class average are not stimulated enough according to their own IQ levels and academic possibilities, whereas those who are below the class average may not always be able to keep up with the rest of their colleagues.

Charter schools aims to get rid of the problem by enrolling fewer pupils on a certain class. As a result, the teachers will be able to focus on each and every student individually better and work in their own rhythm to ensure good academic results and even academic performances at the end of the semester. Through smaller class sizes charter schools also increase the child’s ability to fit in and make new friends and connections.

Distance learning

One of the great benefits of charter schools is that they offer much more flexibility when it comes to the academic attendance of pupils in schools. They allow students to partially study from home if they cannot attend classes in person or even have the possibility to offer relocation of students for a short period of time in other places to experience new cultures and make new friends. In addition, distance learning opportunities are perfect for the families who are always on the move.

Assuming you have a job that puts you constantly to travel and you wouldn’t want to stress your children with new school environments every other semester or so.

No need to follow the government’s curricula

However, this does not mean that children are not stimulated for academic performances. On the contrary, charter schools wish to focus on academic achievements and not having to always stick to the curricula gives them greater power of choice when deciding the learning materials for gifted students. On the other side, children who do not have the academic capacities to stick to a strict academic curricula can still learn at their own pace, without being discouraged for not fitting with the average.