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Is It Legal to Use Essay Writing Service?

From a legal point of view, using essay writing services is illegal/cheating. Truth being told, it’s a legal issue as much as it is a moral one. A college or university professor would tell you that if a student hires somebody to write his essays, he practically pays them to do his work, which is cheating. And they would be right. In an academic environment, an essay must show the student’s knowledge on a particular subject, as well as his ability to write a paper.

Why is it illegal?

If a student chooses to cheat and gives his professor a bought essay, it is pretty likely that the he will see through the deception. No matter how good a bought paper is, it will never contain the knowledge which the student should have and it will never be written in his writing style. Furthermore, if a student gains any kind of benefit from cheating in this way – let’s say that the student wins a scholarship based on an essay which was made by someone else in exchange for money – then his action moves from simply cheating, to being illegal. This would mean that he has received money for something which he didn’t actually do. Many would say that this is fraud, including the legal system of every country on the planet.

Is It ALWAYS Illegal?

There are few situations in which using essay writing services is legal, and even fewer in which doing so is morally accepted. According to an essay writing service WriteMyEssays, an individual who hires such a service in order to supply him with articles for his blog, for example, is legal. Ghostwriting is an old practice and, while not accepted by everybody, it is usually overlooked. Also, if a student was to contract such a service and instead of using the bought essay to gain any kind of academic or financial advantage, he would use it as a sketch for his own paper, it would be legal and accepted.In other words, the legality of using essay writing services depends on the purpose of the essays.

Be fair and you’ll be safe

As long as an individual does not lie about the origin of the papers and/or does not try to use them, under his name, in order to get any kind of benefit in an educational institution, or in any legal situation, it is legal to use an essay writing service. Nobody will punish you for hiring somebody to write an essay which you’ll ONLY use to develop your own and/or to get an idea of how it should look like.

From an individual point of view, if you don’t do the work, then you won’t grow and you won’t get better at what you should be doing. Writing essays is a great exercise for the mind. It develops our ability to develop ideas and to make connections between different subjects. It also gets easier with exercise. The more you write, the better you get and the faster you can do it.